Interdisciplinary Design Symposium


Join us for UNM's first Interdisciplinary Design Symposium from Feb. 26-March 8, and learn about the ways an interdisciplinary design certificate could benefit your education at UNM! 

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 Interdisciplinary Design Certificate


The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Design provides students with an interdisciplinary community of scholars doing research, teaching, and service at the confluence of design thinking, interactive working processes, and community engagement. Within the 12-credit undergraduate certificate, key student learning outcomes include conducting asset inventory, developing problem-solving skills through hands-on projects, and employing design thinking practices using ethical and culturally responsive methods for a range of diverse stakeholders. Major student learning outcomes include community engagement, collaborative working methods, prototyping, and iterative processes in order to improve and reimagine communities. All undergraduate students, from a range of diverse perspectives and disciplines–ranging from the humanities to the arts, to architecture & planning, and computer science–are invited to apply.


Interdisciplinary Design Certificate Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Students will develop skills in interdisciplinary design that will enhance their problem-solving skills through the lens of fine arts, organizational learning, computer science, interdisciplinary honors, and architecture.
  2. Students will develop analytical skills to apply interdisciplinary design principles while conducting design practices that use ethical and culturally responsive methods.
  3. Students will develop skills in community engagement, collaborative working methods,  prototyping, and iterative processes to improve and reimagine communities. 
  4. Students will be aware of opportunities to apply interdisciplinary design as a tool to engage communities while developing communication methods to work with diverse stakeholders. 


Admission Requirements

  • The certificate is only available to current undergraduate students already matriculated in an undergraduate degree-granting program (i.e. bachelor's degree program) at the University of New Mexico, regardless of the field of study. If you are interested in the certificate, please schedule an initial meeting with honors advisors,


  • The Interdisciplinary Design Certificate is managed in the Honors College. Meet with an advisor to learn more about how to get started! 
    • Honors Advisors, 
    • Please visit LoboAchieve to view appointment availability and schedule your appointment with an Honors College Academic Advisor. Please read the details of the appointment at the time of scheduling. A follow-up email will not be sent to students prior to their appointment.
    • If you are currently an active UNM student but not currently an Honors College student, you will need to click on the "Advising Offices" tab and "Search Advising Office" to manually search for "Honors College."  Please schedule with one of the Honors College Advisors listed.
    • Faculty Advisor, Megan Jacobs,   


Graduation Requirements

  • The certificate requires the completion of 12-credit hours from a list of approved courses, including at least an initial course, ARCH2151 Design Thinking, that provides an introduction to how to design. Up to 6 credit hours may be completed in one department, including a maximum of 3 credit hours of independent study. Courses may double-count with major or elective requirements. A list of approved courses for the certificate can be found in the catalogUpon graduation, students will meet with advisement so they can certify that they have taken four courses from the approved list (must be in three different departments). Only courses with a grade of C or better will count toward the certificate credits.

Certificate Flyer  

Interdisciplinary Design Certificate | Faculty Advisory Board

Megan Jacobs
Associate Professor 
Honors College
Tim B. Castillo, MArch
Committee Chair Special Advisor to the Provost-Santa Fe
Professor / Associate Dean of Research
School of Architecture + Planning
Mary Tsiongas, MFA
Professor in Experimental Art & Technology
Department of Art
Associate Dean of Research
College of Fine Arts
Leah Buechley, Phd
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Vanessa Svihla, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Organization, Information & Learning
Sciences Secondary: Chemical & Biological Engineering